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Users are getting kicked out of Centricity when placing a patient order through the Process Orders Encounter form v 2.6.7

There is a known issue with the Process Orders Encounter form ver 2.6.7. In each scenario users will be forced out of Centricity while placing a patient lab order using the encounter form and when they log back in will have to reenter the data they entered for the patient encounter. To resolve the issue: 1. Login to your EMR-Link account. 2. Click on 'Downloads' menu 3. Click on 'Download' next to the Process Orders Encounter Form option 4. Save the download to your desktop (or somewhere else where you will be able to locate it) 5. Navigate to the location of the saved file 6. Right click on the file to extract the contents of the file. 7. Login to Centricity Administration Module 8. Click on Administration / System Folder / Import Clinical Kit 9. Click on Import Clinical Kit and navigate to the extracted Process Orders encounter form (.ckt file) and import the file. 10 Click YES to overwrite all NOTE: any future chart updates should not experience any issues with logging the user out of Centricity // Chart updates that were in process and 'On Hold' may still experience issues because chart update forms are not replaced automatically during import of the clinical kit // any Process Orders Encounter forms that are located and used from the providers 'Favorites' section of their desktop will need to be removed manually and updated to the new Process Orders Encounter Form.