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Lab Order shows 'No Test Code' or [] when sending order from EMR-Link

This message will appear for any of the following scenarios: 1. You have not mapped this test description to a valid lab order code in your EMR-Link account. 2. The test description in your EMR does not match exactly to the test description you have mapped in your EMR-Link account. 3. Your test description contains an unrecognized character such as an '&' in the test description. To resolve this issue you will need to verify the test description you are using in your EMR is currently mapped by logging in to your EMR-Link account and clicking on the Labs menu topic, then clicking on Test Map. Verify that your EMR Test Description field matches exactly with the Test Description in your EMR. Verify that the Test Description does not contain any special characters such as an '&'. For instructions on how to add or edit test codes click on the 'Help' menu.