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Support Services

Liaison Healthcare Informatics provides telephone and email support for its EMR-Link customers.

Customer Support Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM (EST) - 5:00 PM (PT)
Phone: 888-806-0309 (option 2)

Liaison Healthcare Informatics is closed:

  • New Year's Day Observance
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day


EMR-Link Maintenance Training & Enhanced Results sign-up

Liaison EMR-Link offers monthly training webinars for EMR-Link maintenance as well as using the Online Result Map.  To reserve your seat in a webinar, please go to EMR-Link Maintenance Training.

Or go to EMR-Link Result Map Training.

EMR-Link Service Level Agreement

Issues escalations or questions or concerns regarding this Service Level Agreement should be sent to: 

Leslie Tucker
Director of Implemenation and Customer Support
1-888-806-0309 x506

The following table provides the Service Level Agreement for product and service availability, customer support response and disaster recovery.  This agreement applies to all EMR-Link customers, unless otherwise noted in your service agreement.





Service Availability

Service Commitment

Service Objective




Weekly application updates usually Sunday and Wednesday evenings between 9pm and 10pm PST, lasting 5 minutes or less.

Monthly server patches weekends/after hours


Other Outages:

Planned outages occur as needed for server upgrades and database maintenance. Outages would be communicated in advance via email notification. All schedule activities occur after hours, usually starting after 9pm PST.


Unplanned outages are communicated as the incident occurs. A downtime and uptime notification is sent to customers.

Incident Response

Severity 1 – System down


Severity 2

Severity 3

1 Hour


4 Hours

24 Hours

Business hours, 8am to 8pm EST

Monitoring occurs after hours


Disaster Recovery


48 Hours

Refer to the Liaison disaster recovery plan


Severity Level Condition

Response Interval

Severity 1: Production System Down (not including Partners)- causes major functionality of the Service to be inoperative; inability to use has critical impact to Customer’s operations. No immediate alternative or bypass is available.  Resolution of error will be in the form of hardware software updates, or procedures for Customer to bypass or work around the error condition in order to continue operations.  If a bypass procedure is utilized, Liaison will continue error correction activity on a twenty-four hour basis until a permanent correction is provided to Customer.

Within 1 hour after notification to Liaison during business hours.

Severity 2: Critical- prevents major functions, processes or specified activities of the Service from being performed but is not a production down situation. Resolution of error will be in the form of hardware/software updates or procedures for Customer to bypass or work around the error condition.  If a bypass procedure is utilized, the severity level condition will be downgraded to a severity level 3.

Within 1 hour after notification to Liaison during business hours.

Severity 3: Non-Critical– The Service is usable with limited functions.  Error condition is not critical to continuing operation.  Customer has determined method of work around the error condition.  Resolution of error will be in the form of program code correction or a report of activities to correct the error condition.

Within 24 hours after notification to Liaison during business hours.

Security Settings, User Accounts and Breach Notification

EMR-Link Security

Customers are responsible for managing their EMR-Link security settings, based on their organizational policies and procedures.  EMR-Link has the ability to set custom password expiration rules, password strength requirements, account locking for failed login attempts and session timeouts.  These setting are located on the EMR-Link Settings > Security page.  Only authorized users have access to control the settings on this page.

EMR-Link User Access

Customers must also manage their individual user access rights, ensuring the appropriate level of access is granted based on the user's role.  This includes user have access to Protected Health Information (PHI).  Instructions for how to set up used is located on the EMR-Link customer support page:

EMR-Link Breach Notification

When a customer suspects or determines a data breach has occurred it is their responsibility to report this to the EMR-Link customer support team as soon as the incident has been discovered.  Liaison will review the incident and initiate an incident response plan accordingly.